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2014 Submissions

Electric Saturn House Song
Portable Aurora Dubstep Song
supervisor ROTR (srzsmackremix Video Game Song

2012 Submissions

Infinite Existence Techno Song
We Were Together (SRZsmac Trance Song
Serious Dark Forces Drum N Bass Song
Gauntlet of the Universe Trance Song
SRZ Writers Block Trance Song
Psycho Computer-Dubstep SRZ Drum N Bass Song
Space Time Manipulation SRZ Dance Song
Pacific Attack DJ SRZ Drum N Bass Song
New Age Of Sound Djsrz Djbacta Trance Song
SRZsmack Space Adventure House Song
Electronic Warzone Techno Song
The Hungry Lion Techno Song
sleepunder the northern lights Trance Song
The Rave in the Rabbit Hole Techno Song
Daydreaming Ninja Techno Song
Combustion Engine Techno Song
Rave Chain part 2 Techno Song
Rave Chain part 1 Techno Song
Magic Rabbit Limbo Trance Song
New day Again Drum N Bass Song
Break your Face Hip Hop - Modern Song
Magnetic City Dance Song
Light Show - DJ Srzsmack Trance Song
``0pening Day`` Trance Song
!=`Clouds Of Fire`=! Trance Song
Show Down Techno Song
!! Sky Dive !! Techno Song
Flying Saucers 2 Trance Song
!Wormhole Discoveries! Techno Song