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hey sup

2007-10-26 17:55:17 by srzsmack

COME ONE COME ALL, LISTEN TO MY AWESOME TECHNO. IF YOU ARENT FROM THIS SITE CLICK on one of the CDS same as last time but it looks like they have changed it so you click on the view all button to see all of my music. i have lots of stuff to listen to... trance, dubstepp, house, some plain ol electronica. a wide variety of music for everyone to enjoy.


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2008-02-03 12:07:54

Ill talk to staff and see about getting you started cause it takes a while if you only wait.

srzsmack responds:

getting me started on what...


2008-02-04 16:02:12

Hey! Thanks for the reviews! Glad someone likes my songs! Also awesome band you got there! You guys kick ass!

srzsmack responds:

THANKS I wanted to change my band name cuz of how many 5 wheel drives ive found on the net. YOUR SONGS ARE AWESOME!!!


2008-02-05 00:34:35

how much did you wait for your songs to be approoved, cause I have been waiting about a week for mine to come out!

srzsmack responds:

APPROVED? whadaya mean. i just make them and post them on this site...


2009-12-01 14:52:24

update time!!!! but yeah, IF YOU ARENT FROM THIS SITE CLICK on one of the CDS. click on view all to see the rest of the music.


2010-10-01 05:19:10

lolololololololololololoololololololo lolololol finally found your page!